P.O. Box: 54, Malta International Airport, Luqa, LQA5000, Malta
On Wednesday 13th June 2001, the
Malta Energy Efficiency and
Renewable Energies Association
(M.E.E.R.E.A.) was established.
The main objectives of this
association are to support all
efforts to:

- promote discussion on energy
related issues among energy
actors including consumers and
energy decision makers in Malta.

- support the organisation of
training courses for energy actors
and energy decision makers in

- promote the implementation of
dissemination (marketing,
promotion) activities.

- promote sustainable energy
policies that emphasize energy
efficiency and use of renewable
energies in Malta.

- facilitate information exchange
among energy related actors.

- Strengthen the cooperation
between Maltese energy actors and
those in the Mediterranean
countries and EU member states. A
valuable and significant step in this
direction is the strong links and
relations of the Association with the
activities and results of the
Euromed Project entitled:
"Euro-Mediterranean Energy Policy
Training Network", supported and
implemented within the framework
of MEDA Programme of the
European Commission. In the
same respect, the Association will
seek the broad acceptance for the
development of sustainable energy
policies within the
Euro-Mediteranean Partnership
and broad representation of all
stakeholders in the
Euro-Mediterranean Energy Forum,
in particular of industrial and
non-governmental associations
promoting conservation and
renewable energies.
The M.E.E.R.E.A. logo is an exact
copy of a prehistoric art incision
found on a piece of clay at
Hagar Qim Temples. It dates
back to approximately
5000-2500 B.C.

It can be viewed at the
Collection of the National
Museum of Archeology, Valletta,
The Executive Council is
composed of eight members:
Mr. Edward Scerri, President
Dr. Vincent Buhagiar, Vice
Eur Ing Charles Yousif, Secretary
Perit Vincent Cassar, Treasurer
Mr. Martin Debono, PRO
Ms. Vanya Walker-Leigh,
International Liasion Officer
Dr. Jotham Scerri Diacono,
Mr. Mark Bajada, Member
Mr. Kees De Jong, Member
Membership is open to all:

students/pensioners (5 Euros),
individual members (12 Euros),
Corporate members (230 Euros)
and Patrons (120 Euros, or more)
per annum due by December of
each year.
Payments to be made by cheque
or draft cheque to: The Treasurer,
M.E.E.R.E.A., P.O. Box 54, Malta
International Airport, Luqa, LQA
5000, MALTA
Institute for
Sustainable Energy
University of Malta
Press Release 13 April 2015 on
Malta's Energy Efficiency Status
Guidelines for energy saving at home
Announcing the M.E.E.R.E.A. 15th Anniversary Forum on Climate
Change and the Pope's Encyclical Letter Laudato Si'
Friday 26th February 2016 (17:30 - 21:30) - Valletta University Campus
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A Registered Voluntary
Organisation in Malta   VO/0986
Vat No. 1964-0409